5 Best Tableau Books for Beginners to read 2021

Here are the best Tableau books for beginners, Advanced.

Book 1: Learning Tableau 2021:

If you still don’t have any tableau skills don’t worry. Learn Tableau 2021 fourth edition will help you build your tableau skills from scratch to an advanced level.

You can learn tableau with practical skills with examples before moving into the advanced concepts on the tableau.

By developing solid basics and can develop advanced skills of the tableau tool.

With this Learning Tableau 2021 4th edition you can know data visualization, creation of interactive dashboards to gain more practical skills.

Starting with this book, after completion of basics it takes you into types of connections, working with metadata, what’s about it and how to work with it.

Upon completion Learning Tableau 2021 teaches you LOD expressions and how LOD expressions are helpful to solve challenges of complex data.

Also, you can know about Visual Analytics Capabilities, types of visualizations and dashboards, maps, geospatial visualization, new data model, and Tableau Prep’s, enabling decisions, data stories, forecasting, distribution and data clustering.

Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate levels with knowledge of SQL, Scripting and Data Structures.


  • Good for beginners
  • Good to build a solid foundation of Tableau
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Step by step process for each topic


  • The graphics are not good

Cost: $37.99

Book 2: Visual Analytics with Tableau Second Edition:

Are you a non-technical user and a beginner, want to understand how it works and to learn tableau from scratch with visual images from connecting to creating and visualizing the data on dashboards. Then Visual Analytics with Tableau is the best book that fits you.

Every topic has been solved in a step-by-step manner that can be easy to understand by non-technical beginners.

On moving later parts of the book it covers integrations with R, Python, and Matlab in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, Tableau Prep, and Tableau Public.

With the help of Visual Analytics with Tableau, both beginners and Non Technical readers can learn chart creation and types, different parameters and fields, maps, and dashboards.

Best for:

Beginners and non-technical readers.


  • Easy to learn because it solves everything in step by step manner
  • No experience in the programming language, mathematic.
  • Advanced concepts with different data structures.
  • Different tools
  • Colour print
  • Instructions to follow on every topic.
  • Excellent resource book
  • It is best suitable for business users.


  • Suitable for first-time users/readers
  • 2018.3 and 2019.1 versions

Cost: $30.55

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