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Best Tableau Books

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Best Tableau Books
Best Tableau Books

Are you interested in learning about tableau? Do you wish to pursue a career as a tableau expert? Then read on to find the best tableau books for Beginners and Experts. 

With the advancement of science and technology, we can see the relevance of several technological fields and languages like Python, R Programming, data science, machine learning and so on. 

Several companies use various languages and data visualization techniques to create their unique specialities. Tableau is one of them. 

Since its inception in 2003 by Christian Chabot, Chris Stolte, Andrew Beers, Pat Hanrahan, Tableau has been highly used for business intelligence because of its interactive data visualization features.

If you are looking forward to pursuing your career in Tableau or if you are simply interested in learning. Then, this article highlights the best tableau books that will help you in the best way possible.

Best Tableau Books in 2022

Let’s dive right into the list of best tableau books to learn!

Book 1: Mastering Tableau 2021: Implement advanced business intelligence techniques and analytics with Tableau, 3rd Edition

Mastering Tableau 2021 is a book about the advanced concepts of Tableau which covers many essential topics like Quick Level of Detail calculations and Einstein Discovery.

Marleen Meier and David Baldwin are the authors of this book. It was released on May 31, 2021. 

The former has been working in data science since 2013 and is an expert in topics like Tableau training, proof of concepts, implementation, enablement, quantitative analysis, machine learning and AI.

The latter has been working in the business intelligence sector for the last 22 years. 

He is well versed in concepts like Tableau training and consulting, developing BI solutions, project management, technical writing, and web and graphic design.

This book helps in various data visualization concepts by working on Prep Builder to get hands-on the latest datasets and develop geospatial and time-series solutions. 

Through this Mastering Tableau book 2021, you will learn about ways to use Tableau to create a PowerPoint-like presentation as well as Tableau visualization techniques and dashboard designs. 

Also, the author focuses on interaction with the Tableau server to analyse its architecture and functionalities. 

Topics like advanced visualizations and dashboard creation techniques as well as powerful self-service analytics, time-series analytics, and geospatial analytics are also defined in an easy to understand approach. 

However, there are some prerequisites before reading this Tableau book like basic knowledge of tableau and R/RStudio and Python.

Finally, you will also be able to understand programming integrations and the functionalities of Python and R language. 


  • Step by step explanation of all the topics which includes example code, files, and templates. 
  • Plenty of tips and tricks. 
  • Suitable for beginners as well as intermediate learners too. 
  • Easy to understand lessons.  


  • Some of the materials used in this book like Measure called Quantity and Nested Sorting tab doesn’t exist.+

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Book 2: Learning Tableau 2020: Create effective data visualizations, build interactive visual analytics, and transform your organization, 4th Edition

Learning Tableau 2020 is a book about the new features of tableau like animation, parameter actions, advanced geospatial capabilities, and the all-new object model along with details about Tableau Prep Builder Tools.

Joshua N. Milligan is the author of this book. He has been into Tableau and data visualization since 2004. 

With his decade long insights on data visualization, he has written this Learning Tableau book which was finally published on August 31, 2021. 

But before starting this book, it is preferable that you have some experience working on databases. But, it is not strictly compulsory. 

However, for exploring and using the full capabilities of the data models, you will need tableau v2020.2 or new. 

The author, Joshua N. Milligan has elaborated topics like complex data visualization, features of new data models, ways to connect with multiple data sources, easy explanation of sets, LOD calculations, and so on. 


  • Suitable for all types of learners (beginners, intermediate and advanced) 
  • Easy to understand as it is well conveyed.
  • The ultimate use of practical examples. 
  • It also has the new relationship feature of Tableau v2020.2


  • The graphics are not of good quality. 
  • Tableau public users might have some difficulties while exploring the experiments. 
  • Sample codes are not available to download for free.

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Book 3: Tableau Strategies: Solving Real, Practical Problems with Data Analytics

Tableau Strategies is written by Luke Stanke and Ann Jackson. It was released on September 14, 2021. 

This book of 578 pages consists of numerous tricks, strategies and examples of data analytics involving Tableau that helps data analysts in solving their problems. 

It also covers topics like categorical and quantitative analysis and comparisons, geospatial, dynamic, statistical, multivariate analysis, understanding and solving different data types and so on. 

Through all the lessons, you will know how to develop compelling and purposeful visualizations, dashboards, and data products through various strategies. 

You will also be able to learn effective and communication methods with the team members as well as stakeholders and other higher authorities. 


  • This Tableau book is generally suitable for intermediate and advanced learners. 
  • Time series analysis is really well defined by the author. 
  • Lot of real world examples and applications used as references for better understanding. 


  • This book may come in black and white print to some readers which might be inconvenient for them. 
  • Beginners might not understand this book easily due to some of the advanced topics.

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Book 4: Practical Tableau: 100 Tips, Tutorials, and Strategies from a Tableau Zen Master

Practical Tableau is written by Ryan Sleeper who is a famous Tableau consultant with many years of expertise in Tableau. He has written this book based on his experience in using Tableau for data insights. 

He has described several visualization tips, tutorials, and strategies to improve your understanding and working of Tableau and its related fields. 

Mr Sleeper has elaborated the topics using fundamentals, chart types, tips and tricks, framework and storytelling for easy learning. 

This book is well suited for beginners. 


  • The book clearly states the answer to why and how data visualization is important. 
  • Easy to follow and understand illustrations and examples. 
  • Practical approach. 
  • Good for beginners. 


  • advanced learners will not be highly benefited from this book. 

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Book 5: Visual Analytics with Tableau

Alexander Loth is the author of this book. It was released on May 7, 2019. 

This book of 288 pages consists of topics like the creation of different types of charts you can create, application of aggregation, calculated fields, and parameters as well as developing insightful maps and interactive dashboards. 

Visual Analytics with Tableau is considered as one of the best tableau books as it is highly beneficial for learners who are non-technical business users. 

Tableau is used by all kinds of professionals like financial analysts, marketers, statisticians, business and sales professionals, data scientists, developers, etc.

So it teaches about adding calculation fields to advanced topics like table calculations, forecasts, clusters, and R, Python, and MATLAB integration for sophisticated statistical modelling are also covered. 

Although it has many statistical and mathematical topics, beginners with no prior background can also easily understand this book. 

It also has the newest versions of Tableau 2018.3 and 2019.1 plus Tableau Prep. 


  • Great usage of visuals for clear understanding.
  • This book uses numerous real world examples for illustration. 
  • Has discussed new features in detail.

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Book 6: Tableau Prep Cookbook: Use Tableau Prep to clean, combine, and transform your data for analysis Kindle Edition

Tableau Prep Cookbook is mainly for business intelligence professionals, data analysts, and Tableau learners who are interested in developing data pipelines or ETL processes using Tableau Prep essentials. 

Hendrik Kleine is the author of this book. He has over 15 years of experience in data architecture, engineering, visualization and more. This book was released on March 19, 2021. 

This book covers essential Tableau topics like the execution of data cleaning and preparation techniques for advanced data analysis, methods to combine multiple disparate datasets, creating data for various Business Intelligence (BI) tools, etc. 

Additionally, it also features Tableau Prep’s calculation language to generate accurate calculations and usage of Tableau Prep for ad hoc data analysis and data science flows as well as enabling Tableau Prep flows to Tableau Server and Tableau Online. 

Even if you have basic knowledge of Tableau, you will understand this book easily. 


  • Illustration of Tableau features are easy to understand.
  • Arrays of functions are properly explained. 
  • Easy to understand even for beginners.

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Book 7: Tableau Desktop Cookbook: Quick & Simple Recipes to Help You Navigate Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop Cookbook is one of the best tableau books that takes you through the world of Tableau with over 100 real-world approaches for a better understanding of interactive data visualizations. 

Lorna Brown is the author of this book. She is a Tableau Zen Master and Tableau Public Ambassador with several prominent accolades to her name. This book has received positive reviews from people since its release on September 21, 2021. 

With her outstanding understanding of Tableau, she has described topics related to building easy as well as complex visualization of data with Tableau Desktop, application of Tableau sets and parameters, developing dashboards for business queries and so on. 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user of Tableau, this 688 pages book will surely enhance your analytical as well as data visualization skills that would help in your career as a Tableau expert. 



  • Suitable for every level of learners, irrespective of their background. 
  • Clear and easy understanding of all the topics. 
  • There are several real world examples and applications used for clear knowledge.

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Book 8: Innovative Tableau: 100 More Tips, Tutorials, and Strategies

Innovative Tableau is written by Ryan Sleeper, who has also written the book Practical Tableau. 

It was released on June 2, 2020, and since then it has received positive responses from readers worldwide, just like Practical Tableau. 

The author has beautifully written about creating unique and eye-catching data visualization. 

With this book, you will get numerous tips and tricks to create engaging charts using highlight tables, scatter plots, maps, and more. 

This book is suitable for all types of learners, although it is required that you have general knowledge about Tableau and have gone through Practical Tableau as well. 



  • It is suited for all levels of learners. However, for beginners basic knowledge is essential. 
  • To help the learners catch the pace in learning difficult topics, many tips and tricks are illustrated by the authors. 
  • There are numerous uses of practical examples. 


  • Some readers found Practical Tableau to be much better than this book. 

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Book 9: Tableau Step-By-Step for Beginners

Just like the name suggests, Tableau Step-By-Step for Beginners is for learners who have just started or are willing to start their Tableau career. 

Arshad Khan is the writer of this book. It was released on September 1, 2019. 

This book contains an introduction to Tableau, exercises and functions useful to business users such as filtering, drill-down, sorting, swapping, aggregating, trending, and formatting. 

Functions like analysis functions such as Top N and forecasting as well as exporting results to Excel or PDF, managing and using the workbook, creating, customization and formatting of dashboards are also covered. 

Often considered as one of the best Tableau books, it is praised by several readers. 



  • Many readers found that the structure of the book is very easy to understand. 
  • The writers have excellently  demonstrated the topics as well as the examples. 
  • The functions are illustrated in an easy language for better understanding.

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Book 10: Tableau for Healthcare

Tableau for Healthcare is a Tableau book written specifically for applications of data visualization in the medical field by medical professionals. 

Daniel Benevento, Katherine Rowell, and Janet Steeger are the authors. It was released on April 23, 2021. 

The authors have nicely elaborated and explained the importance and relevance of data-analysis and dashboard creation features of the Tableau desktop. 

Some of the topics covered in this book are data connections and manipulation, calculated fields, table calculations, set actions, parameters, forecasting, tooltips, report distribution, etc. 

All of the topics are well illustrated with real-world activities and examples, step by step instructions, defined screenshots, and many more for the creation of a perfect dashboard. 

Anyone who is a part of the medical field will have to find much-needed help to boost their scope of learning and working. 

Not only this, even those who are from non-medical backgrounds will get to learn so many features and concepts of Tableau that will help them greatly in their respective work field. 



  • This book is well suited for intermediate and advanced data analysts and related professionals who are in healthcare. 
  • There are multiple examples and exercises that illustrate the use of Tableau well. 
  • Several data visualization tips and tricks given by dataviz experts that will save time and ensure smooth execution. 
  • A speciality about this book is that you can start from any chapter and still create charts without any issues. 


  • It is mainly for Tableau 9 users. Although it has been upgraded to accommodate Tableau 10 users, there is some information missing for them.

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Book 11: Communicating Data with Tableau: Designing, Developing, and Delivering Data Visualizations

Communicating Data with Tableau is a book for people who are interested in learning about data analysis and data visualization processes. 

It aims at polishing the skills of new Tableau learners or those who want to start a career in it and improve their communication. 

Working with Tableau doesn’t require any kind of specific knowledge on any programming language, however knowledge of data types, spreadsheets, and statistics is necessary. 

Ben Jones is the author of this book. He worked with an engineer, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and also as a Business Analytics manager in his 12 years of career. 

He has written this book to describe the conversion of raw data into engaging data visualization using techniques of Tableau, keeping in mind the likes of analysts, engineers, marketers, journalists, and researchers. 

This book covers topics like creating ratios and rates through blended sources, proportions and percentage depiction with charts, techniques to handle variation and uncertainty, etc. 

Along with these, you will also learn to visualize mean, median and mode, change of events and quantities with time, positional data communication with the help of maps and so much more to learn! 



  • Within a few chapters, you will get great insights about creating data visualization and charts. 
  • It discusses “How Much and How Many”, “Proportions and Percentages”, and “Changes Over Time” as it focuses more on data communication. 
  • There are many real world examples that elaborates the practicality of the topics in an easy way. 
  • You will learn advanced techniques and other methods to develop dashboards that are intriguing. 


  • There are some formulas that are not well defined so some readers may get confused. 
  • According to some readers, datasets are not available for download.

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Up to now, we have discussed the Best Tableau Books for Beginners, and also some best Tableau Books for Beginners to Advanced Learners.

Still, if you find some of the Best books to learn tableau for beginners to advanced are missing then please comment in the comment section. Thanks for reading the Best books to learn Tableau for beginners.

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