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Best ServiceNow Books

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Best Servicenow Books
ServiceNow Books

Are you interested in learning about the ServiceNow platform? Are you trying to find the best ServiceNow books to get a clear concept? Well here’s the right article for you to get your answers. 

ServiceNow is an enterprise cloud company established in 2003 that offers a support model that characterizes, structures and mechanizes the progression of work, eliminating email and accounting pages from the cycle to smooth out the conveyance of administrations with minimum configuration. 

As ServiceNow has evolved as one of the most used platforms to get idealistic solutions for problems that companies or organizations usually face, many people especially IT administrators, developers, entrepreneurs and others have taken a great interest to pursue their careers as ServiceNow specialists. 

This article focuses on the 9 best ServiceNow books that are highly rated by customers based on their content and ease of understanding. 

Let’s get started!

Learning ServiceNow: Administration and Development on the now platform for powerful IT Automation:

Learning ServiceNow is a book written by Tim Woodruff, an architect of ServiceNow with decades of experience in the IT industry and related technical fields. 

This book has elaborated several real-life examples and situations that are essential in all matters related to ServiceNow features which will help you to polish your skills and fundamental knowledge of all key components of ServiceNow. 

It gives you knowledge about IT automation in a detailed process that includes core administration, development, maintenance skills as well as designing attentive and automated workflows, business logic, and frontend automation. 

Along with this, you will also be able to design powerful and engaging interfaces and gain knowledge of notifications, security, reporting, and custom development of ServiceNow. 

To summarize the content that you will learn from this book, basically, you will get knowledge of developing effective ServiceNow code, ways to observe and avoid pitfalls and missteps that hamper upcoming progress and upgradeability, debugging tools for troubleshooting and much more. 

Learning ServiceNow is frequently ranked as one of the best ServiceNow books as it is intended mainly for IT professionals or administrators who have at least the basic knowledge of JavaScript and modern web technologies and are looking for ways to integrate ServiceNow features into their companies or organizations

An ideal deal of this book is that it doesn’t require you to have previous experience working with the ServiceNow platform. 


  • The points that are written by the author are well elaborated and illustrated in a manner that makes it easy for readers to understand. 
  • Beginners will easily understand this book due to its easy structure and format created by the author. 
  • IT administrators and developers can implement effective strategic ServiceNow features and fundamentals beneficial to companies. 
  • Chapters dedicated solely for server-side and client-side APIs. 

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Servicenow Cookbook:

ServiceNow Cookbook is a book written by Ashish Rudra Srivastava, who has worked with several companies like ITSM, CRM, BPM and Infrastructure Management implementations and solutions delivery as an ITIL and Service-Now Certified Professional. 

This book gives ideal solutions to problems related to ServiceNow that are essential in an organization, designing enterprise-level applications, generating requesters as well as fulfilling enhanced visibility and access to a process.

Along with this, you will also get ways to automate and create IT-related core administration, management, and maintenance skills, set up email notifications for ServiceNow users and work with the database view for reporting.

Lastly, ServiceNow Cookbook also covers topics related to the diagnosis and audit of ServiceNow that helps in giving ideal solutions to issues faced by companies and organizations in their daily matters. 

This book is ideal for beginners as well as new users of ServiceNow as the author has ensured that the content written in this book is easily understood by anyone. 


  • This book has a well balanced approach given to both examples and theories.
  • It is suitable for both new learners willing to switch to the ServiceNow platform as well as beginners. 
  • You will be able to develop plugins to supervise the programs
  • Create and impart custom applications for service management
  • Develop and set up workflow activities


  • Some readers have commented that this book lacks topics like GlideAjax and GlideRecord so it is recommended to the author to add them. 
  • Similarly, more definitions are required for well versed illustrations.

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Mastering Servicenow Scripting:

Mastering ServiceNow Scripting is a book written by Andrew Kindred. 

It elaborates the scripting of ServiceNow as it helps in writing, testing, and debugging scripts and techniques to create an effective personalized ServiceNow platform. 

As mentioned, it covers topics like client-side and server-side scripting using JavaScript API as well as on-demand functions, script actions, and best practices. 

To put it forward, this book gives insights on modifying the ServiceNow case as per your association’s necessities, investigating the ServiceNow-uncovered JavaScript APIs and libraries, finding the strategies for applying ServiceNow scripting capacities, and so on. 

Finally, after finishing this book you will be able to take your ServiceNow experience to a higher level by advanced scripting and configuring how to construct, test, and investigate custom applications as well as using the modified case productively with the assistance of best practices of ServiceNow. 

As this book involves heavy usage of inbuilt JavaScript APIs in scripting, anyone who has experience working with ServiceNow can read this book. 


  • This book is intended for readers who already have experience with ServiceNow and know about inbuilt JavaScript APIs in scripting. 
  • The methods that describe coding and debugging are effective and well written. 
  • It is good for programmers with SNoW experience.


  • Some readers felt that this book is full of many inaccuracies and are hard to understand at first glance. 
  • There are too many uses of old technologies that are not relevant nowadays. 
  • It is not very beneficial for beginners. However, they may still give it a try. 

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Servicenow IT Operations Management:

ServiceNow IT Operations Management is a ServiceNow book written by author Ajay Kumar Guggilla, who has almost two decades of experience in the IT industry and is the holder of multiple titles like masters in computer applications, Project Management Professional (PMP), information technology, and Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Expert, Microsoft Certified Professional, PRINCE2, and ServiceNow administrator.

This book of ServiceNow discusses the brand new specifications and technological innovations in the IT industry and operation management. 

It covers a wide range of topics that mainly teaches how to deal with the management of operations and the maximum utilization of resources into a single-system IT record. 

The process also includes knowledge of topics like discovery, orchestration, and MID server and cloud management, detailed usage and application of ServiceNow IT operation management to enhance the productivity of service and to give better service availability.

This way you will be able to handle and see the outcome of complex IT operations worldwide and other essential business-related dealings and management easily. 


  • This book is well suited for IT specialists working in the operations domain. 
  • As conveyed by the title and description, the book illustrates Discovery, Service Mapping and Event Management with many snapshots. 
  • The knowledge, process, implementation and execution of ITOM is described. 


  • It doesn’t have a detailed content on the analysis of ServiceNow features in IT operations management. So the information delivered by this book is found to not be a suffix. 
  • Many readers complained about the lack of detailed information as well as pasting only the snapshots of the ServiceNow interface which is not really helpful. 
  • The language used by the author to explain the topics is another con as the grammar used is mainly incorrect and complex for understanding by native speakers of the English language. 

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Servicenow A Complete Guide – 2021 Edition:

Often rated as one of the best ServiceNow books, ServiceNow A Complete Guide – 2021 edition is the successor to the book ServiceNow A Complete Guide – 2020 by Gerardus Blokdyk. 

This book focuses on creating solutions that are suitable for problems that are crucial in any industry or organization. 

ServiceNow provides scope for entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, vice president, CxO, or any other designation holders to have a better self-assessment for themselves by asking questions that measure the important factors that are relevant to a company. 

This book includes self-assessment questions like new and updated case-based questions that are organized into seven core levels of ServiceNow maturity. 

Some of the questions that are covered in this book are – 

  • How could the ServiceNow CoEI draw in with different Centers of Excellence?
  • Is there any desire to move quickly for any spaces to go live in ServiceNow quicker than others?
  • What business targets and worth would you say you are attempting to catch with ServiceNow?
  • What combination and interfaces to other ServiceNow modules or different frameworks are set up?
  • What is the job of uses and stages in the specialist co-ops offering procedure?
  • What different gatherings or specialty units would profit from ServiceNow capacities?
  • Who is responsible and answerable for the matters related to the ServiceNow climate?
  • For what reason is the ServiceNow speculation important to meet your business aims for change?

Although this book is not anything similar to a textbook, readers will be able to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as well as identify the solutions that are essential for growth. 


  • This book has several diagnostic standard projects, initiatives, businesses and so on that are all ServiceNow based. 
  • You will be able to develop useful and tactful strategies that will help in solving major company related issues. 
  • ServiceNow also enables you to create strategies into reality in accordance with the best practice guidelines.
  • Additionally, ServiceNow self-assessment digital components also gives projects-ready tools for designing effective solutions for companies. 

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These are the 9 best ServiceNow books that you can purchase easily from Amazon. 

Although some of these best ServiceNow books may not be highly useful for all categories of learners, many can still get required information or help from most of the topics that are elaborated in these books by numerous authors.

These books are listed based on their ratings as well as their pros and cons. So you can choose your desired book that you feel will help you the most in becoming a ServiceNow specialist. 

We would love to know more from you though! Let us know if you know any other best ServiceNow book and help spread it to others in need. 

Happy searching!

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