Best Python Books

List of 11 Best Python Books: Python is an easy, universally useful programming language. It was made by Guido van Rossum in 1991. Python’s object-oriented interface makes it an ideal language for web development.  Many areas like information science, AI, programming models, etc use Python. Educational institutions, banks, government sectors, e-commerce websites, etc use Python …

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Best SEO Books

Google Algorithms are frequently changing and every SEO analyst needs to be updated with SEO skills. SEO Books plays a major role to gain advanced skills. Digital Marketing is one of the trending and top 10 demanding skills in the present years and SEO is the most challenging task. Digital Marketing is one of the …

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Digital Marketing Books

Digital marketing is a growing career choice for many people because of its vast availability of scopes. This article contains the 10 best digital marketing books that will guide you through all the features, topics, procedures and other important information about digital marketing. It is increasingly used by companies, both large and small, to promote their …

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10 Best R Books

R Books: In the realm of data science, R is the most widely used language. It’s prominently used for both organised and unorganised data analysis.  R is very significant in computer science. It is an interpreted language, thus users can execute the code without the need for a compiler.  Hence, R outperforms other programming languages …

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5 Best Machine Learning Books for beginners in 2021

Best Machine Learning Books Book 1: Hands-on Machine learning: Are you looking to become a professional Machine Learning expert with knowledge of Data Science and Deep Learning? Hands-on Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Scikit Learn and Keras with different tools, Techniques and concepts 2nd edition will be your best book to read. The advancement in Deep …

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5 Best Tableau Books for Beginners to read 2021

Here are the best Tableau books for beginners, Advanced. Book 1: Learning Tableau 2021: If you still don’t have any tableau skills don’t worry. Learn Tableau 2021 fourth edition will help you build your tableau skills from scratch to an advanced level. You can learn tableau with practical skills with examples before moving into the …

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