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Best TypeScript Courses

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Are you eager to enhance your programming skills with TypeScript? Look no further! TypeScript, an open-source programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft, is renowned for its ability to build scalable and robust applications. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, enrolling in one of the best TypeScript courses can significantly accelerate your learning journey.

These courses cover a wide range of topics, including TypeScript fundamentals, advanced techniques, and practical application in real-world projects. By investing in the best TypeScript courses, you’ll gain a solid understanding of TypeScript’s syntax, features, and best practices, empowering you to write cleaner and more maintainable code.

With the plethora of options available, it’s crucial to choose the right course that aligns with your learning goals and expertise level. From comprehensive online tutorials to interactive video lectures, there’s a TypeScript course suited for every learning style. So, dive into the world of TypeScript today and unlock your full potential as a developer!

Best TypeScript Courses Online Free and Paid

TypeScript 4 In-Depth (Pluralsight):

Best TypeScript Courses

This course will teach you all of the major language features in TypeScript 4+. You will also learn how to apply different TypeScript compiler options and configure projects of any size to meet your specific development goals.

TypeScript 4 In-depth, you’ll learn all of the major features of the language and develop the skills to begin working on your first TypeScript project. First, you’ll explore the basic features of the language including type annotations, functions, interfaces, and classes.

Next, you’ll discover more advanced features such as generics and modules. Finally, you’ll learn how to use the TypeScript compiler and configure TypeScript projects using a tsconfig.json configuration file. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of TypeScript needed to build client and server-side web applications faster and with fewer errors.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Introduction
  • Installation and setup
  • TypeScript basics
  • Functions
  • Interfaces
  • Classes
  • Modules
  • Generics
  • Compiler Options and Project Configuration
  • Declaration files

Rating: 4.6 | Duration: 3.5hrs | Course fee: 10days free trial

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Understanding TypeScript: (Udemy)

Best Typescript Courses

This course takes you from the very basics and its most important feature (types!) to the point where you’re able to use TypeScript in any of your projectsReactJS projects included!

Learn how you can use TypeScript to bring modern JS features like destructuring, arrow functions or classes to any environment and codebase – even if it does not support those features yet!  Understand which types you may use and how you can build your own types. Learn how to write better code with types and with the many features offered by TypeScript!

You will also learn about more advanced features (like decorators) and also how to set up workflows with  TypeScript. This includes a TypeScript-only workflow as well as a webpack workflow.

You’ll also learn that you’re not limited to Angular (Angular Courses on Udemy) or plain JavaScript/ TypeScript projects. Instead, a complete module covers how you may use TypeScript with ReactJS and improve your React code with TypeScript as well.

Practice what you learn!

Watching videos is a great way to learn. And to a lot of students, it’s the best way. If you also want to practice the things you learn, this course offers you more than that though. Because this course comes with plenty of exercises (and solutions, of course) in addition to all the high-quality learning videos.

What you will learn from this course:

  • Use TypeScript and its Features like Types, ES6 Support, Classes, Modules, Interfaces and much more in any of their Projects.
  • Why TypeScript offers a real advantage over vanilla JavaScript
  • Learn how to combine TypeScript with ReactJS or NodeJS / Express
  • Understand what TypeScript really is about and how it works
  • Learn TypeScript both in theory as well as applied to real use-cases and projects
  • Types and how to use them
  • How the TypeScript compiler works (and how you may configure it)
  • ES6 features with TypeScript
  • Classes in TypeScript
  • Namespaces and modules
  • Interfaces
  • Generics
  • Decorators
  • How to integrate Third-Party JavaScript libraries into your TypeScript projects
  • How to set up a TypeScript project with webpack
  • Or how to set up a plain-TypeScript workflow
  • How to use TypeScript together with ReactJS
  • How to use TypeScript together with Node/ Express
  • Real projects and use-cases!

Rating: 4.7 | Total Articles: 22 | Total Downloadable resources: 210

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Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Udemy)

Best TypeScript Courses

Every other course online teaches you the basic syntax and features of Typescript, but only this course will show you how to apply Typescript on real projects, instructing you how to build large, successful projects through example.

The goal of this course is to help you understand why each feature of Typescript exists, and exactly where to use them.

In this course, you’ll learn how to write reusable code, with a tremendous emphasis on leveraging classes and interfaces to make swappable ‘widgets’.  You will be able to reconfigure your apps on the fly to build wildly different features with only a minimum amount of effort.

What you will learn from this course:

  • Master design patterns for building large applications
  • Understand Composition vs Inheritance, and when to use each
  • Assemble reusable boilerplates for your own Typescript projects
  • Integrate Typescript into React/Redux or Express projects
  • Write reusable code powered by classes and interfaces
  • Understand why Composition vs Inheritance is the most mis-understood topic in the Javascript community
  • Master the fundamental features of Typescript by working on real world projects
  • We’ll build a custom front-end framework from scratch that you can use in place of React or Angular on your own personal projects
  • Comprehend the complex interplay between classes and interfaces, and why these two pieces of Typescript enable you to build incredibly reusable code
  • Dive deeper into Typescript with decorators, which we’ll use to build a custom integration between Typescript and Express
  • Structure your React and Redux applications more confidently by understanding how to couple them with Typescript
  • Skip the documentation for third party libraries by fluently reading type definition files
  • Learn just how smart Typescript is by experiencing how deeply it analyzes your code for errors

Rating: 4.7 | Total Duration: 27hrs | Total Articles: 26 | Total Downloadable resources: 193

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Mastering TypeScript – 2024 Edition (Udemy)

Best TypeScript Courses

This course covers all the syntax, features, and concepts you need to master TypeScript and start using it in your own codebases. We start with the very basics of the type system and cover everything up to incorporating TypeScript in React codebases and using Webpack with TypeScript.

What you will learn from this Course:

  • The TypeScript type system
  • Union Types
  • Intersection Types
  • Tuples and Enums
  • Interfaces
  • The TypeScript compiler and how to configure it
  • Working with the DOM and TypeScript
  • TypeScript Classes
  • Generics
  • Type Narrowing
  • Type Declarations
  • Working with 3rd party libraries
  • Webpack + TypeScript workflows
  • Integrating React and TypeScript
  • TypeScript’s Module System

Rating: 4.7 | Total Duration: 10.5hrs | Total Articles: 3 | Total Downloadable resources: 25

Info: Visit this course and get an amazing offer on this course available now

Learn TypeScript (CodeCademy):

Learn TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript that adds types to make the language scale!

JavaScript is a powerful programming language. But as it continues to evolve, outdated code gets messy and difficult to maintain. That’s where TypeScript comes in. It builds on your JavaScript foundation so you can develop higher-quality, less error-prone code faster. As a TypeScript developer, you’ll be in higher demand and gain a competitive edge in the work world.

You will learn how to apply the JavaScript syntax you already know to TypeScript’s type system. This will help you build your own programming experience and give your code more structure. You’ll also use TypeScript’s linter to reduce compilation errors and speed up workflow.

Rating:4.5 | Level: Intermediate | Course fee: Free

Info: Visit this course and get additional offers on this course


In conclusion, investing in the best TypeScript courses is a surefire way to elevate your programming skills. With comprehensive coverage of TypeScript fundamentals and practical applications, these courses offer a valuable opportunity to master this powerful language and advance your career in software development. Start your journey today!

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