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Best SEO Books

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Google Algorithms are frequently changing and every SEO analyst needs to be updated with SEO skills. Best SEO Books plays a major role to gain advanced skills.

Digital Marketing is one of the trending and top 10 demanding skills in the present years and SEO is the most challenging task.

Digital Marketing is one of the trending and top 10 demanding skills in the present years and SEO is the most challenging task.

Some topics can be learnt by reading blogs and some can be learnt by reading the best books. So, we have covered some most popular SEO Books in this post.

List of 5 Best SEO books for Beginners and Analysts:

Best SEO Books

Best SEO Book 1: SEO 2021 Learn Search Engine Optimization with smart internet Marketing Strategies Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies:

SEO is one of the main backbones for any website when we talk about digital marketing strategies. As SEO mainly includes ON Page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO.

Whatever the site may be or whatever the background maybe it won’t matters SEO 2021 with walkthrough SEO Techniques, how to rank high in Google and how to get users or customers to our or client website.

Even if you are new to SEO or pro to SEO one has to be updated with Google algorithms to update your SEO skills and also to rank your website in Google.

Before applying SEO to your client website you need to understand Google algorithms and how search results are calculated by google.

If you are an SEO person or Digital Marketing Person then the main task is to analyze keywords for a page or post or for the website.

Identifying or analyzing Money Keywords to the client site and driving traffic to make it successful is another critical task for everyone.

This SEO 2021 book covers Why SEO advice online is wrong, recent google algorithm updates like page experience, December core update, BERT algorithm, and also some other new factors.

It mainly focuses on the mobile-first index, Rankbrain algorithm, some of the google core updates, and recovering our website from Google penalties.

Linkbuilding is one of the main steps to rank in a google search. It reveals the different link building techniques with advanced tips.

The bonus concept added in this new version is PPC. With this topic from this book, you can learn about creating campaigns, driving more traffic to your site overnight.

Rating: 4.5

Best for: Beginners as well as for intermediate SEO persons.

SEO for Dummies:

The main target of every Digital Marketing specialist or SEO Executive is to rank their website in google search.

By reading SEO for Dummies helps developers, SEO analysts, and website owners how to create an SEO friendly website.

Search Engine Optimization dummies book also gives knowledge on how to rank top on Google search and also how to drive huge organic traffic by using high search volume keywords.

Mainly this SEO for Dummies covers the basics of SEO like what are they, how they are helpful, most important things and where to start in SEO.

Building backlinks like submitting to directories, how to get important backlinks, using analysis tools to track search engine results or positions for keywords of the website or product page.

Writing effective SEO friendly Content to drive huge traffic and to convert into leads using Social Media, Local search, images and video.

The other concepts include Strategies, Designing a website for mobile and speed, what to avoid, how to work with shopping directories, building backlinks to your website.

Rating: 4.8

Best for: beginners, developers and owners who are willing to refresh their SEO Knowledge.

My SEO Workbook:

Every business owner has their own strategies to promote their product and get success in it. This can be achieved by doing Digital Marketing and promoting their business online in various search engines.

To get success in online marketing you need to know step by step strategies in every concept. This can be learnt from My SEO Workbook.

This My SEO Workbook helps you to achieve your business success by providing strategies on how to drive traffic from Search engines, Social media etc.

My SEO Workbook starts with the basic SEO in step by step manner, with some exercises in order to put your knowledge on those tasks.

In the next part, it helps you on how to plan or how to create an SEO strategy for the next 12 months on how to drive traffic and etc.

My SEO Workbook mainly covers keyword analysis, post or page layout for SEO, how backlinks works, tips and tricks for business or for bloggers.

It also helps you on how to attract organic traffic from different search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo and also from Pinterest and how you can convert users into customers.

This My SEO WOrkbook is similar to SEO Dummies, hands-on SEO provides step by step guide on every topic with examples.

Rating: 4.7

Best SEO Book for beginners, business owners who need to promote their business online and convert users into customers.

How to Get To The Top of Google in 2021: The plain English guide to SEO:

Google Algorithm is one of the fastest-changing things in Digital Marketing. Everyone needs to be updated with the google algorithms.

Even you are a pro in digital marketing or SEO specialist you need to be updated.

Are you new to SEO or you are disappointed with the SEO results of your client or your personal website?

If you are a seasonal SEO guru then this How to Get The Top of Google in 2021 is for you.

With this book, you can know which website is chosen by Google to rank at the top of the search. Analyzing the best Keywords to attract traffic and convert visitors into customers i.e. finding the profitable keywords.

By following this How to Get to the Top of Google in 2021 book you can learn from Scratch to advance.

In the first section, you can learn the four different ways how your site can appear in google search, identifying the profitable keywords and driving huge traffic to your website and how to rank your website in weeks.

The second section covers mostly how to structure your website for both Google and users to navigate easily throughout your website.

What type of content and how to frame your content so as to drive 10x traffic to your website and convert your blog into a sales generator.

What are SEO pitfalls and how to avoid them before damaging your SEO and Website?

Most SEO gurus fall behind is in link building. This is the most part of the book that covers how to build backlinks.

How to turn your blog from 35 leads to 3450 leads per month, how to get backlinks from the National newspaper websites and also from Social Media.

SEO fails if the strategy is not good or not well planned. Here you can learn how to do the best SEO strategy by taking all the resources that are available around you.

How to pick the main task and get better results, What type of metrics to track and which ones to ignore.

Rating: 4.5

Best for: Beginners, Professionals, seasonal SEO gurus.


  • Best guide to learn how to design SEO Strategy.
  • What are the SEO Pitfalls?
  • What to track add what to ignore.
  • Linkbuilding techniques.
  • Content formatting for both users and Google.
  • How to turn your blog into a sales navigator.

SEO 2021: Actionable, Hands-on SEO including a site audit:

Google love Whitehat SEO, but most SEO gurus do both whitehat and blackhat SEO without knowing it accidentally.

In order to rank in Google, you need to learn an effective and White hat SEO strategy in 2021. A lot of Google Algorithms were released in 2021, so you need to do 100% Whitehat SEO to rank at top of Google Search.

Even many SEO professionals are doing aggressive SEO by breaking the rules of Google algorithms and trying to manipulate their website rankings.

This result in website rank drop from top to even 100 positions. So every SEO specialist needs to plan an SEO strategy before applying it to your blog or client websites.

Many SEO blogs that give advice on SEO or Digital Marketing is outdated and will give you a bad result when you follow them.

Some of the SEO blogs have not been updated and still, they are writing mostly about Pandas, Penguin, Pegion etc. but not recent Google Algorithms like BERT, recent core updates and many.

The other main topics include Site structure, recent Google algorithms updates, how to create quality content, On-Page SEO, Schemas, increasing authority to your blog, and SEO audit.

Rating: 4.6

Best for Beginners and SEO specialists.


The above 5 Best SEO Books for everyone is some of the best books for SEO beginners and SEO Analysts.

If you found any best SEO Book is missing then please comment in the comment section. So we can mention it in our SEO Book posts.

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