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Best Jira Books Beginners to Advanced to Read in 2024

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Best JIRA Books for Beginners to Advanced
Best Jira Books for Beginners to Advanced

Are you looking for the best books on JIRA?… If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, you will find the Best Jira Books for Beginners & advanced like Beginner courses, and Practice test coursesSo, check these Best Jira Books for Beginners and find the Best JIRA Books for Beginners to Advanced according to your need.

In the previous article, I shared the Best Web Design Books for Beginners in 2022, you can go through the list and enjoy reading.

Best Jira Books for Beginners to Advanced to know in 2022

Jira Essentials: Effective issue management and project tracking with the latest Jira feature

Atlassian Jira enables effective bug tracking for your software and mobile applications and provides tools to track and manage tasks for your projects. Jira Essentials is a comprehensive guide, now updated to Jira 8 to include enhanced features such as updates to Scrum and Kanban UI, additional search capabilities, and changes to Jira Service Desk.

The book starts by explaining how to plan and set up a new Jira 8 instance from scratch before getting you acquainted with key features such as emails, workflows, business processes, and much more. You’ll then understand Jira’s data hierarchy and how to design and work with projects.

Since Jira is used for issue management, this book delves into the different issues that can arise in your projects. You’ll explore fields, including custom fields, and learn to use them for more effective data collection. You’ll create new screens from scratch and customize them to suit your requirements. The book also covers workflows and business processes, and guides you in setting up incoming and outgoing mail servers. Toward the end, you’ll study Jira’s security model and Jira Service Desk, which allows you to run Jira as a support portal.

  • Understand Jira’s data hierarchy and how to design and work with projects in Jira
  • Use Jira for agile software projects, business process management, customer service support, and more
  • Understand issues and work with them
  • Design both system and custom fields to behave differently under different contexts
  • Create and design your own screens and apply them to different project and issue types
  • Gain an understanding of the workflow and its various components
  • Set up both incoming and outgoing mail servers to work with e-mails

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Hands-On Agile Software Development with JIRA: Design and manage software projects using the Agile methodology

This book will start by organizing your project requirements and the principles of Agile development to get you started. You will then be introduced to set up a JIRA account and the JIRA ecosystem to help you implement a dashboard for your team’s work and issues.

You will learn how to manage any issues and bugs that might emerge in the development stage. Going ahead, the book will help you build reports and use them to plan the releases based on the study of the reports.

Towards the end, you will come across working with the gathered data and create a dashboard that helps you track the project’s development.

  • Create your first project (and manage existing projects) in JIRA
  • Manage your board view and backlogs in JIRA
  • Run a Scrum Sprint project in JIRA
  • Create reports (including topic-based reports)
  • Forecast using versions
  • Search for issues with JIRA Query Language (JQL)
  • Execute bulk changes to issues
  • Create custom filters, dashboards, and widgets
  • Create epics, stories, bugs, and tasks

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Automate Everyday Tasks in Jira: A practical, no-code approach for Jira admins and power users to automate everyday processes

Atlassian Jira makes it easier to track the progress of your projects, but it can lead to repetitive and time-consuming tasks for teams. No-code automation will enable you to increase productivity by automating these tasks. Automate Everyday Tasks in Jira provides a hands-on approach to implementation and associated methodologies that will have you up and running and productive in no time.

You will start by learning how automation in Jira works, along with discovering best practices for writing automation rules. Then you’ll be introduced to the building blocks of automation, including triggers, conditions, and actions, before moving on to advanced rule-related techniques. After you’ve become familiar with the techniques, you’ll find out how to integrate with external tools, such as GitHub, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, all without writing a single line of code. Toward the end, you’ll also be able to employ advanced rules to create custom notifications and integrate with external systems.

  • Understand the basic concepts of automation such as triggers, conditions, and actions
  • Find out how to use if–then scenarios and conditions to automate your processes with practical examples
  • Use smart values to achieve complex and more powerful automation
  • Implement use cases in a practical way, including automation with Slack, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, and Bitbucket
  • Discover best practices for writing and maintaining automation rules
  • Explore techniques for debugging rules and solving common issues

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Jira Quick Start Guide: Manage your projects efficiently using the all-new Jira

Jira is an issue tracker and project management system. With their latest release, the Jira team has now expanded their user base to agile teams as well as business teams. This book provides a comprehensive explanation covering all major components of Jira, including Jira Software, Jira Core, and Jira Service Desk.

This book starts with an introduction to Jira’s unique features and how it can be used as an issue-tracking tool. It will then teach you about how a new project is created by a Jira administrator, what responsibilities there are, and using correct and relevant schemes in your project. You will then learn how to configure project workflows and fields for project screens.

You will understand the various permissions used in projects and the importance of project roles in Jira. Then, the book talks about the concepts of versions acting as milestones and using components when handling issues in your projects. It will then focus on analysing data using built-in reports and creating dashboards in Jira.

  • Implement Jira as a project administrator or project manager
  • Get familiar with various functionalities of Jira
  • Configure projects and boards in your organisation’s Jira instance
  • Understand how and when to use components and versions in your projects
  • Manage project configurations and Jira schemes
  • Learn the best practices to manage your Jira instance

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Jira 8 Administration Cookbook: Over 90 recipes to administer, customize, and extend Jira Core and Jira Service Desk

Jira is a project management tool used widely by organizations to plan, track, and release software. Jira administrators are at the heart of these processes and need to know how to successfully administer and customize Jira offerings. This updated Jira 8 Administration Cookbook demonstrates how to efficiently work with Jira Core and Jira Service Desk.

The book starts with a variety of recipes to help you manage users and workflows. You’ll learn how to set up custom forms and capture important data with custom fields and screens. Next, you’ll gain insights into the latest email capabilities, which assist you with everything from managing outgoing email rules to processing incoming emails for automated issue creation.

Later, you’ll be guided through running scripts to automate tasks, getting easy access to logs, and even working with tools to troubleshoot problems. The book will also ensure you understand how to integrate Jira with Slack, set up SSO with Google, and delegate administrator permissions.

Finally, the chapter on Jira Service Desk will enable you to set up and customize your own support portal, work with internal teams to solve problems, and achieve optimized services with Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Learn how to delegate administrator permissions effectively
  • Gain insights into integrating Jira with Bitbucket Cloud and GitHub
  • Explore ways to collaborate with your internal teams on service requests
  • Understand how to add permissions to fields
  • Learn how to set up SSO with Google
  • Discover how to copy over configuration settings between Jira instances

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Scaling Agile with Jira Align: A practical guide to strategically scaling agile across teams, programs, and portfolios in enterprises

Starting with an introduction to the platform and its features, this book takes you through the foundational building blocks of Jira Align. You’ll learn how an organization can benefit from implementing Jira Align and understand how to connect dimensions such as people, work, time, and outcomes.

The book takes you through the typical steps for implementing Jira Align for maximizing outcomes and helps you solve common team, program, and portfolio-level challenges by enhancing visibility, tracking dependencies and risks, and using reports for real-time, distributed decision making.

Throughout the book, you’ll explore features such as remote agile ceremonies, live roadmaps, and objectives and key results (OKRs). You’ll also get to grips with lean portfolio management, financial reporting, and using the program board for planning and execution.

  • Understand Jira Align’s key factors for success
  • Find out how you can connect people, work, time, and outcomes with Jira Align
  • Navigate and collaborate in Jira Align
  • Scale team agility to the portfolio and enterprise
  • Delve into planning and execution, including roadmaps and predictability metrics
  • Implement lean portfolio management and OKRs
  • Get to grips with handling bimodal and hybrid delivery
  • Enable advanced data security and analytics in Jira Align

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Jira Software Essentials: Plan, track, and release great applications with Jira Software

This comprehensive book will help you dive straight into the action, where you will explore critical Agile terminologies and concepts related to Jira Software.

From learning how to plan, track, and release great software through to installing, running, and setting it up to run with Scrum and Kanban, this book will guide you effectively. The book will even demonstrate how to go beyond using out-of-the-box Scrum and Kanban for your projects, from combining both the methodologies through to using other project management options apart from Agile.

Later, you will learn how to integrate Jira with the tools you are already using and enhance it with add-ons such as Confluence. As you advance, you will discover how to stay connected with your team from anywhere to ensure great development. Jira Software has numerous deployment options on the cloud, and even on your own infrastructure, which further increases efficiency.

Toward the concluding section, you will be introduced to Bitbucket, Atlassian’s distributed version control system, which integrates seamlessly with Jira, allowing your team to work within the two applications as one harmonious environment.

  • Understand the basics and Agile methodologies of Jira Software
  • Use Jira Software in a Scrum environment
  • Go beyond using out-of-the-box Scrum and Kanban for your projects
  • Combine Scrum and Kanban and use other project management options beyond just Agile
  • Customize Jira Software’s features and options as per your requirements
  • Work with Jira Agile offline, and plan and forecast projects with Agile portfolio
  • Integrate Jira Agile with Confluence and Bitbucket

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And here the list ends. So, these are the Best Jira Books for Beginners to Advanced. I will keep adding more Best Jira Books for Beginners to advance to this list.


I hope these Best Jira Books for Beginners to Advanced will definitely help you to enhance your skills. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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