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Best Excel Data Analysis Courses

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Best Excel Data Analysis Courses
Best Excel Data Analysis Courses

Excel is the most powerful tool for data analysis to visualize, represent, and manipulate data smoothly. In this current scenario, every company deals with data and needs insights for running their business hassle-free.

If you are a fresher and want to build your career in data science(Data Science Roadmap) and Data Analysis, here are the Best Excel Data Analysis Courses to learn the skills and get your dream job. However, Excel is a way to manage and analyze datasets appropriately through in-built functions, formulas, pivot tables, charts, etc. Although, small or big organizations are taking business decisions through excel spreadsheets and data analysis.

But, the question arises, which course is the best for learning excel data analysis?

Best Excel Data Analysis Courses

If you are confused while choosing the correct course, this article will give you a classic view of different courses that will help you to select the Best Excel Data Analysis Courses effectively.

Excel Basics for Data Analysis – IBM

If you are a beginner and willing to build your career as a data analyst or data scientist? it’s the right time to grab the essential skills required to learn excel for data analysis with the excel basics for data analysis course offered by IBM. Even, no prior knowledge of spreadsheets or coding requisites to enroll for free in this course.

This course is the core foundation for starting a data science or data analyst career. This course provides you with complete knowledge of Microsoft spreadsheets and google sheets, formulas, and functions, data entry, navigation, pivot tables, how to manage datasets, import and export data, and how to analyze data effectively.

Additionally, you will be able to apply basic data wrangling and cleansing tasks and also you can analyze data by performing spreadsheet tasks like filtering, sorting, and look-up functions. 

With the expert faculties, you will have practical experience with excel spreadsheets through labs and hands-on projects. You can get expertise in data manipulation and visualization by using excel sheets.

By the end of this course, you can develop a final project to create a solid foundation to become a data analyst and to improvise your portfolio. After completion of this basic Excel Data Analysis Course, you can earn a certificate.

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Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization – Coursera

If you are willing to establish a career in the Data Analytics field, learn advanced excel skills to stand out in the job market. Enroll in this excel skills for Data Analytics and Visualization course offered by MACQUARIE University a 7-day free trial now.

You can start this course with Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis where you will learn the core concepts of Excel, tools, and functions for data analysis. During this course, you will understand how to prepare and clean the datasets for data analysis. In addition, you will gain the knowledge of Named Ranges and Tables to automate data and logic and loop functions to maintain data under the guidance of professionals.

Data Visualization in Excel, where you will learn Dynamic visualizations with conditional formatting, custom number formatting, sparklines, and macros to handle “Big Data” effectively in the organization. In this course, you will learn how to use tools like slicers and macros to automate business processes. 

You can upgrade your skills with Excel Power Tools for Data Analysis and become a master in Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI tools to transform, analyze and represent datasets for getting desired jobs. These modern tools allow you to deal with complex datasets that enable you to store millions of rows and analyze data through a powerful modeling language called DAX. You will work on applied learning projects and create hands-on projects while finishing the course.

Note: The basic understanding of excel spreadsheets and formulas is mandatory to learn this course.

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IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R Professional Certificate

If you are looking for the Best Excel Data Analysis courses then this Data Analytics with Excel and R Professional Certificate is for you. Get started on your data analytics journey with the Excel and R professional certificate offered by IBM Certification Courses that ensure your successful career in data science or data analysis. This course is designed for freshers as well as professionals to get expertise in data analysis and visualization. There are nine courses to provide an experience in excel tools and R language for handling large amounts of data. 

Start learning with an introduction to data analytics and understand the core concepts of data analysis and ease with different algorithms used in data gathering, cleaning, and analyzing. you will learn basic data wrangling and cleansing tasks by using excel functions.

You will be able to perform tasks like data mining and visualization on real-world datasets with the help of Excel Pivot tables and charts. On the other hand, experienced instructors provide exercises, videos, and workbooks to develop analytical skills.

Apart from this, R language plays an essential role in data analysis and data science. Under this learning program, you will understand the fundamentals of coding and Rstudio for writing programs in the R language to manipulate data.

Furthermore, you will work with Data and SQL to create the final project through Watson Studio and Jupyter Notebooks. Moreover, you can also perform data analytics techniques like data collecting, cleaning, and wrangling with the help of R language to solve real-life problems. 

On the other hand, R language is a showcase to represent your data by using charts, graphs, and plots for data visualization. Windup this course with Capstone Project and explore your skills and knowledge to perform various data analysis tasks through SQL, Tidyverse, and ggplot2, model data with linear regression, and so on.

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Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables – Udemy

Pivot Table is a powerful tool in Microsoft Excel for creating reports and getting insights from big datasets in a blink of an eye. A pivot table plays a vital role in data analysis by summarizing, reorganizing, and filtering data quickly.

If you are going to develop your career as a data analyst, you have to deal with data, and Excel Course is the best way to start learning data analysis as a beginner. You can even work on Microsoft Excel 2010-2019 to get excellence in using excel pivot tables. 

This Course includes the core concepts of the Pivot table such as how to deal with raw data and convert it into useful information, how to insert data, and functions of tables to generate valuable output in sales forecasting, sales analysis, market survey, customer survey, and so on.

You will learn sorting, grouping, and filtering tools, Pivot Charts, slicers & timelines, and Calculated fields, items & values with the help of professional experts and their tutorial guides and practical exercises.

You can enhance your data analysis skills with real-world case studies like analyzing market demand & price of products for the future, Social Media Post data analysis, Mobile Apps Rating, and more.

With this excel course, you will get a chance to acquire knowledge of Pivot tables through quizzes, worksheets, and support LIFETIME. Get a certificate after completing this course, so enroll now to begin your data analytics career hassle-free.

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Microsoft Excel – Data Visualization, Excel Charts, and Graphs – Udemy

Data visualization helps to represent data with the help of excel charts and graphs for taking business decisions. This course offers a golden opportunity for beginners to learn Excel charts and graphs for data visualization on Excel 16+ versions. Earn a certificate to build a strong foundation for your career after completing Microsoft Excel Course offered by Udmey. 

This course provides in-depth knowledge of data visualization tools and techniques with the help of experienced instructors. You will learn advanced 20+ charts (like Bar & Column, Histograms & Pareto, Line & Trend, Area, Pies & Donuts, Scatter plots & Bubble, and so on) by practicing excel exercises covered in this course. With the best tutorials and videos, you will be familiar with advanced Excel tools (like automated dashboards, scrolling charts, and dynamic formats) and how to use excel tools to give a 360-degree view of datasets. 

With advanced tools of excel chart, you understand dynamic and customer excel dashboards, Named Ranges and OFFSET/COUNTA functions, and more that helps in developing hands-on projects to give excellence in your data visualization skills.

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Excel dashboards and Data Analysis Masterclass – Udemy

Become a master in data analysis through Excel and Data Analysis Courses and learn excellent tools for creating powerful dashboards for analyzing data. Excel dashboards are omnipresent in the business world, and every business needs a tool that helps in managing and analyzing data effectively.

Thus, the demand for Microsoft Excel is the top priority for organizing and manipulating data, and this course helps to get a senior position in a large corporation.

This course includes amazing design principles for creating Microsoft Excel Dashboards with the creation process, color tips, and layouts. You can create 6 Professional Interactive Excel Dashboards from scratch by learning excel data analysis and its tools.

With professional Bootcamp instructors, you will be familiar with more than 20 functions, formatting, formulas, and macros used in excel. Further, you will learn basic charts, advanced charting techniques, and dashboard components ( like sparklines, data bars, color scales, icon sets, etc.) to analyze data.

In the middle of your learning journey, you will understand ten advanced charts (bullet graphs, small multiples, infographics, etc) and pivot charts and tables.

Moreover, you will be able to develop interactive dashboard reports with buttons and Drop Down Menus and create a professional KPI dashboard from scratch.

By the end of the course, you will work on live business projects and get expertise in data analysis with the help of documents, videos, quizzes, exercises, and practical approaches.

Note: Basic Excel Spreadsheet knowledge is required to learn this course.

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Data Analysis in Excel – Datacamp

Accelerate your data Analysis career with Data Analysis in Excel Course and learn job-ready skills. This course is offered by Datacamp which allows freshers to establish their careers and build skills to polish their portfolios. With this excel course, you will learn about predefined functions and formulas, and work with real-world datasets. 

This course provides a framework where you will learn about core concepts of excel, data analysis steps, navigation in the spreadsheet, import and export data, data types, and sorting tables that help to run business operations smoothly. With the help of this course, you can convert raw data into useful information for making business strategies.

During this course, you will understand how to clean and extract data from cells and how to use advanced functions like VLOOKUP to prepare text and data fields.

However, the Excel data analysis course is a bunch of 48 chapters. By the end of the program, you deal with a variety of mathematical and logical functions (like COUNT and IF) to handle real datasets and work on hands-on projects.

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Data Analysis in Spreadsheets – Datacamp

Launch your career in the data analysis field by learning excel spreadsheets offered by Datacamp. No doubt, a spreadsheet is an ultimate tool for organizing, collecting, storing, representing, sorting, manipulating, and analyzing datasets efficiently.

Even small organizations prefer Microsoft Excel to operate their business processes for maintaining clients and employees details. On the other hand, after learning this course, you can apply functions and formulas for accounting purposes in the company.

Under this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of google sheet’s predefined mathematical functions (like SUM, AVERAGE, LEN, MEDIAN, MIN, MAX, SQRT), combining functions (like CONCATENATE),  and compare date functions to perform various statistical tasks in the company.

You will learn advanced excel functions to calculate company growth in terms of sales and profits through a variety of functions such as Flow Control- IF, conditional counting – COUNTIF, Automating the Lookup- VLOOKUP, and so on. 

Moreover, If you want to enter a data analyst career, grab this opportunity with a small package of 27 exercises and you can complete it within 3 hours to create a core foundation to develop your career as a data analyst. 

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Hopefully, this article will assist you while choosing the Best Excel Data Analysis Course according to your requirement. As mentioned above,  you can adopt an excel course to empower your skills and portfolio. After reading and enjoying detailed information about excel data analysis courses, you will get higher-paid jobs in the IT industry.

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