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Best AWS Books

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Here are the Best AWS Books to read and enhance your AWS skills.

Book 1: Learn AWS Serverless Computing: A Beginners guide

Best AWS Books

Are you willing to learn how to write code, Deploy the developed application, and how to test and run the developed serverless cloud application in AWS?

Learn AWS Serverless Computing book covers from basics to most of the advanced concepts like AWS Lambda functions, How to deploy using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda Functions.

Mainly this book starts from the basics of AWS Lambda and moving on it combines with other AWS services like API gateways, Amazon DynamoDB and Step functions.

Before starting to learn from this book you should have good knowledge of Java, Node.Js, Python or C# because all the examples of Lambda functions are based on any language.

As you move on you can develop Serverless APIs using Serverless frameworks.

Mainly if you are a beginner in AWS and need to learn advanced topics.

Best for:

Cloud architects and Developers 


  • Learn AWS lambda Functions easily by following step by step process
  • Foundational Knowledge
  • Many of the examples are solved using real-world use cases
  • Easy to read

Pricing: $39.99 new book

Book 2: AWS for System Administrators:

Mainly AWS for System Administrator book covers advanced concepts on Cloud administration concepts, managing and operating etc.

On moving into the books after the completion of fundamentals like IAM, one can learn Networking in AWS, monitoring, VPC, EC2, Load balancer, RDS Database, Boto3, Terraform, Cloudwatch, SNS, Amazon S3, Data Lifecycle Manager,  AWS backup etc.

Best For:

AWS for System Administrator is mainly for Administrators and architects.

Rating: 5


  • Can learn how to build the application with code
  • Real-time examples
  • Practical approach
  • AWS Tips and tricks
  • Easy to understand every topic


  • Some examples are complicated.

Pricing: $39.99 new book

Book 3: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide CLF C01 Exam:

This book is mainly focused on the AWS Certified exam and those who are willing to take the AWS Certification exam and want to crack it easily.

It provides a lot of resources that are helpful from an AWS Certification Exam point of view.

Mainly this book focuses on the AWS Certificate exam and covers the topics from basics like AWS Cloud, infrastructure, principles, characteristics, etc.

Rating: 4.5

Best for:

Mainly this book is helpful for all the candidates who are preparing for the AWS Certification exam.


  • Well written
  • Challenging review questions
  • Good converge based on Exam Topics and Questions
  • It covers every exam point of view questions


  • strong technical concepts to understand

Pricing: $32.49

Book 4: Amazon Web Services in Action Second Edition:

Amazon Web Services in Action is for all beginners, mid-level developers and DevOps Engineers

Mainly this Amazon Web Services in action covers all the basic topics related to AWS like Computing, Storing and Networking with practice-related questions.

By following this book you can develop, host, and manage applications of AWS that can be learnt easily.

Not only the basic concepts it also covers advanced concepts like Serverless Infrastructures, Lambda functions, EFS, and in-memory storage.

The main concepts like EC2, Cloud formation, Opsworks, IAM, Security Groups, VPC, S3, EBS, EFS, RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, Autoscaling, and Fault tolerances.

Rating: 4.6

Best for:

For all the mid-developers and DevOps engineers.


  • It’s also helpful for preparing for the AWS Certificate exam
  • It’s covered with good fundamentals on AWS and Cloud formation.
  • Good for beginners

Cost: $39.70

Book 5: AWS Lambda in Action: Event-Driven Serverless Applications:

Even if you are a beginner or Seasonal learner and looking for a book that gives you practical knowledge and needs to learn new tricks after confirming.

Then AWS Lambda in Action book is the perfect match for you.

This book mainly teaches you how to build applications that use event-driven approaches.

Mainly this book starts with AWS Lambda and moving on it gives you knowledge on how to call Lambda functions through web pages or even mobile apps with examples and patterns.

In the second part of this book, you can learn how to build large applications by designing and developing small applications and combining the small applications to form a large application with high security, scalability and performance of Amazon Web Services, calling external services and receiving events.

The third part of this book covers main concepts like best tools and strategies for testing, Deployment and monitoring.

The fourth part covers mainly integration with external services i.e. non AWS services.

Before learning AWS from this book, you must have Javascript and python. Because some examples are written based on python and JavaScript. Having node.js will be a big benefit before starting to read AWS Lambda in the Action book. 

Rating: 4.5

Best for:

Beginners and Seasonal learners who are looking to learn practical knowledge from scratch.


  • Great for beginners
  • Well and Detailed explanation
  • Has good Theoretical and Practical skills.
  • The best resource book for serverless concepts.
  • Good visual diagrams.
  • Progressive content
  • Working examples
  • Every ectopic has exercises to practice on your own.
  • Strong focus on security concepts.
  • Well Structured


  • Basic Aws knowledge is desirable to understand this AWS book.
  • Time-consuming when moved to API Gateway concepts.

Cost: $44.68

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