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Best Angular Books for Beginners to Advanced

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Best Angular Books for Beginners to Advanced
Best Angular Books for Beginners

Are you looking for the Best Angular Books for Beginners to Advanced?… If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, you will find the Best Angular Books for Beginners & advanced like Beginner courses, and Practice test coursesSo, check these Best Angular Books for Beginners and find the Best Angular Books for Beginners to Advanced according to your need.

Best Angular Books for beginners to Advanced to read in 2022

ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular

What if you could master the entire framework – with solid foundations – in less time without beating your head against a wall? Imagine how quickly you could work if you knew the best practices and the best tools?

Stop wasting your time searching and have everything you need to be productive in one, well-organized place, with complete examples to get your project up without needing to resort to endless hours of research.

You will learn what you need to know to work professionally with ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular. You’ll learn core Angular concepts – from how Angular works under the hood, to rich interactive components, from in-depth testing to real-world applications

  • A component-based Reddit clone
  • A real-time chat app using RxJS Observables
  • A YouTube search-as-you-type app
  • A Spotify search for tracks with playable song preview
  • Plus lots more mini-examples that show you how to write Components, how to use Forms, and how to use APIs

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A Journey to Angular Development: Learn Angular Fundamentals, TypeScript, Webpack, Routing, Directives, Components, Forms, and Modules with Practical Examples

This book is an exciting journey where novice developers learn everything they need to do before they start working on the Angular framework and develop dynamic web applications.
The book begins with building a strong foundation on the concepts of web application development and numerous developer-friendly terminologies that you would often come across while learning Angular. It covers the essentials of ES6, Webpack, and TypeScript to write Angular applications and make the development of Angular apps more enticing, innovative, and scalable.

The book talks about modules, directives, components, data binding, routing, and many more components and functions. Each of these topics is backed with real examples and illustrations.

By the end of this book, you will learn about Angular’s powerful features and capabilities. You will become a confident developer to design your own modern, responsive, and user-friendly web applications all by yourself using this single source of knowledge.

Master fundamental concepts of Angular and it’s Architecture.
● Witness the true potential of Angular for building composable components.
● Become well versed with the file and folder structure of an Angular application.
● Learn to write clean, simple and error-free codes like a sound professional developer.

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Angular Cookbook: Over 80 actionable recipes every Angular developer should know

This recipe-based guide enables you to learn Angular concepts in depth using a step-by-step approach. You’ll explore a wide range of recipes across key tasks in web development that will help you build high-performance apps.

The book starts by taking you through core Angular concepts such as Angular components, directives, and services to get you ready for building frontend web apps. You’ll develop web components with Angular and go on to cover advanced concepts such as dynamic components loading and state management with NgRx for achieving real-time performance. Later chapters will focus on recipes for effectively testing your Angular apps to make them fail-safe, before progressing to techniques for optimizing your app’s performance. Finally, you’ll create Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Angular to provide an intuitive experience for users.

By the end of this Angular book, you’ll be able to create full-fledged, professional-looking Angular apps and have the skills you need for frontend development, which are crucial for an enterprise Angular developer.

  • ain a better understanding of how components, services, and directives work in Angular
  • Understand how to create Progressive Web Apps using Angular from scratch
  • Build rich animations and add them to your Angular apps
  • Manage your app’s data reactivity using RxJS
  • Implement state management for your Angular apps with NgRx
  • Optimize the performance of your new and existing web apps
  • Write fail-safe unit tests and end-to-end tests for your web apps using Jest and Cypress
  • Get familiar with Angular CDK components for designing effective Angular components

The book is for intermediate-level Angular web developers looking for actionable solutions to common problems in Angular enterprise development. Mobile developers using Angular technologies will also find this book useful. Working experience with JavaScript and TypeScript is necessary to understand the topics covered in this book more effectively.

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Angular Projects: Build modern web apps by exploring Angular 12 with 10 different projects and cutting-edge technologies

This Angular Projects Book will teach you everything you need to know to build efficient and optimized web applications using Angular.

Among the things you’ll learn in this book are the essential features of the framework, which you’ll master by creating ten different real-world web applications. Each application will demonstrate how to integrate Angular with a different library and tool.

As you advance, you’ll familiarize yourself with implementing popular technologies, such as Angular Router, Scully, Electron, Angular service worker, Nx monorepo tools, NgRx, and more while building an issue tracking system. You’ll also work on a PWA weather application, a mobile photo geotagging application, a component UI library, and many other exciting projects.

  • Set up Angular applications using Angular CLI and Nx Console
  • Create a personal blog with Jamstack and SPA techniques
  • Build desktop applications with Angular and Electron
  • Enhance user experience (UX) in offline mode with PWA techniques
  • Make web pages SEO-friendly with server-side rendering
  • Create a monorepo application using Nx tools and NgRx for state management
  • Focus on mobile application development using Ionic
  • Develop custom schematics by extending Angular CLI

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Angular Development with TypeScript

Angular Development with TypeScript, Second Edition is an intermediate-level tutorial that introduces Angular and TypeScript to developers comfortable with building web applications using other frameworks and tools.

Written in an accessible, lively style, this illuminating guide covers core concerns like state management, data, forms, and server communication as you build a full-featured online auction app. You’ll get the skills you need to write type-aware classes, interfaces, and generics with TypeScript, and discover time-saving best practices to use in your own work.

but this book is clearer and more to the point. Understanding the underlying organization of Angular and using the author’s pointers will really help to get you going in a fast, efficient, and actually Angular way.

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Angular: Up and Running: Learning Angular, Step by Step

f you’re familiar with JavaScript, this hands-on guide will quickly get you up to speed on the Angular framework for building high-performance web-based desktop, mobile, and single-page applications. Initially dubbed Angular 2, this version is a complete rewrite from the same team that built the initial version of AngularJS. Developers familiar with that earlier version will also find this book to be a valuable resource.

You’ll start by creating a simple Angular application before diving into Angular components, services, server calls, routing, and production requirements. By the end of the book, you’ll be ready to use Angular for your own applications.

  • Set up your development environment to build Angular applications rapidly
  • Use Angular directives to construct common functionality for your application
  • Create and test Angular components for building effective user interfaces
  • Manage user input by building template-driven and reactive forms
  • Understand when to use built-in Angular services and when and how to create your own
  • Make HTTP calls and handle use cases that surface when working with servers
  • Use Angular’s routing module to encapsulate various pages and pieces using a different route
  • Build an Angular application for production and learn how to deploy a performant Angular application

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Pro Angular: Build Powerful and Dynamic Web Apps

This popular guide explains how to get the most from Angular, presenting the range of benefits it can offer. You will begin learning how to use Angular in your projects, starting with the nuts-and-bolts concepts, and progressing to more advanced and sophisticated features. Each topic in this full-color book provides you with precisely enough learning and detail to be effective. In true Adam Freeman style, the most important features are given full-court press treatment, while also addressing common problems and how to avoid them.

  • Access accompanying online files for Angular 13 and 14 (when it is released)
  • Create rich and dynamic web app clients using Angular
  • Tap into some of the best aspects of server-side development
  • Know when to use Angular and when to seek an alternative
  • Use the ng tools to create and build an Angular project
  • Extend and customize Angular
  • Take advantage of popular component libraries
  • Utilize source code located at

This book is for web developers who want to create rich client-side applications. Foundational knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is recommended.

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And here the list ends. So, these are the Best Angular Books for Beginners to Advanced. I will keep adding more Best Books on Angular to this list.


I hope these Best Angular Books for Beginners to Advanced will definitely help you to enhance your skills. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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