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Accuweb Hosting Review

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In today’s world, it is gradually becoming essential for companies to stay ahead in this rat race or competition. 

In order to do so, the majority of the companies use the influence of digital Marketing to promote their company, brand, products and services. 

This is because digital platforms have been proven to connect people from all around the world in an easy, reliable and consistent manner. 

One of the best ways to create brand awareness and exclusively list the history, services, products, etc of a company is to develop a website on the internet. 

To do so, web hosting plays a huge role in creating a legitimate high-quality impact for a company in front of current and potential customers. 

Many companies around the world provide web hosting services with different varieties of plans. Users can choose any web hosting company that best suits their budget. 

Accuweb Hosting

One such web hosting company is AccuWeb. It has established itself as one of the leading web hosting companies worldwide. 

This review article discusses AccuWeb, its features, speed, prices and much more. 

Let’s get to know the more in-depth analysis of AccuWeb as we go through the review article.

What is Accuweb?

Established in the year 2003, AccuWeb Hosting is a US-based web hosting company.

It is cost-friendly and has convenient web hosting plans for clients across the world. 

It is also a debt-free private company with nearly two decades of hosting various web hosting plans. 

Currently, there are above 101,025 clients who are completely satisfied with the services of Accuweb. The numbers are expected to increase in the upcoming years. 

It has been approved by Microsoft as a WebMatrix Compatible Hosting company. 

AccuWeb offers various Linux-and Windows-based shared server plans.

They use lower-end, Linux-based strong state servers. 

Along with web hosting, they provide various other hosting features like shared web hosting, WordPress Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Accuweb Windows hosting, Accuweb Cloud Hosting, Accuweb Linux Hosting, VPS Hosting, and AccuWeb dedicated server. 

Accuweb Hosting Speed:

Web hosting speed is very important when you’re purchasing any kind of facilitating web hosting plan. 

Your site guests may leave the site within seconds if they’re routinely continued to stand by a languid server. 

AccuWeb boasts about providing a 100% uptime guarantee so we decided to check out the accuracy of its basic plan. 

To do so, we used to check the accessibility and reaction season of our test site at five-minute stretches over a 7-day term (that is in excess of 2,000 individual checks.) 

The outcomes showed our site had 100% uptime, without any blackouts identified. That is the thing that we expect for a transient test, yet a few hosts don’t oversee it. 

Reaction times found the middle value of 285ms, practically indistinguishable from the 289ms we saw during the last survey, in the mid-scope of what we would expect for a fundamental common facilitating bundle.

Accuweb Hosting Features:

Some of the features of Accuweb web hosting – 

  • Easy to build a site
  • Cyber and e-commerce security 
  • SSL certificate
  • High uptime ratio is guaranteed
  • Activation on any platforms with instant account activation

They also give their customers limitless domain names, 10GB of storage capacity, 150 email accounts, and 500GB of monthly data migration. 

Additionally, the three years of web hosting services get you limitless domain names, 50GB of capacity, 1TB of the month to month data migration, and 1,000 email accounts.

Accuweb Shared Web Hosting:

Shared hosting places the site on a server with different locales; all in all, your webpage imparts framework assets to different sites on the server. 

This kind of system brings down the facilitating cost, bringing about modest web hosting plans. 

You get what you pay for, nonetheless. Your site may dial back on the off chance that one of its co-users gets on the first page of Reddit. 

On the off chance that you get a gigantic traffic spike, then again, you may discover your site choked to keep your co-users from easing back to a stop. 

A few administrations may even take you disconnected if your common hosting traffic gets excessively far off the mark.

Accuweb WordPress Web Hosting:

WordPress is the world’s most well known open-source Content Management System. 

It allows you to oversee everything from a little blog to a multi-page business site with its simple to use dashboard. 

Without any hassles, simple arrangement and web principles, WordPress has been controlling a huge number of sites. 

Because of this gigantic prevalence, web hosting suppliers have begun offering the particular WordPress plan, known as “WordPress Hosting”. 

WordPress hosting accompanies the pre-introduced WordPress arrangement alongside fundamental modules. 

WordPress facilitating gives you the quickest and smoothed out WordPress experience since its facilitating servers are profoundly upgraded explicitly for the WordPress sites. 

Moreover, you get top-notch support with the WordPress plans, which is perhaps the best thing about WordPress hosting. 

WordPress Hosting packages are upheld by the WordPress specialists with heaps of involvement. 

This guarantees the quickest page load times, robotized WordPress refreshes, adaptability, quickest everyday reinforcements, most noteworthy site uptime, and so on 

An ordinary WordPress hosting server comprises numerous layers of reserving, exceptionally tuned PHP forms, underlying CDN organizations, inherent security components, super-quick drives, information base streamlining, and numerous different elements.

Accuweb Reseller Web Hosting:

This kind of hosting permits you to have different customers and permits them to deal with their own requests freely.

Additionally, reseller Hosting helps people to turn into a web hosting supplier without dealing with their own web server or datacenter. 

You can make your own custom web hosting site and use your image name and offer it to your clients. 

AccuWeb has Linux and Windows-based reselling hosting packages. This helps you to lease server space from an experienced player and exchange it for your own clients. 

AccuWeb’s cost estimate begins at $8.99 each month, with limitless email, 30GB of capacity, and 100GB month to month bandwidth information. 

AccuWeb additionally allows you to apply your own marking to the servers you lease, and it also supplies every minute of everyday technical support.

AccuWeb Windows hosting

The AccuWeb Windows hosting plans are highly beneficial for users as it runs on extremely fast servers, Plesk panel and MS Windows 2016 OC. 

There are two types of plans: SSD and Cloud 

The SSD (personal windows) plan provide the following features : 

  • 1 Domain (Websites) In 1 Account 
  • 10 GB Pure SSD Storage 
  • 500 GB Premium Data Transfer / Month 
  • Windows 2016 Server 
  • IIS 10 Hosting 
  • Free 1 SQL Server 2017 Database (Standard Ed.) 
  • 500MB Storage Space for each SQL Database 
  • Dedicated Application Pool 
  • ASP.Net Full Trust Hosting Level 
  • 150 Email Accounts per Domain 
  • Control Panel: Plesk – See Demo 
  • PHP 7.x Supported 
  • MariaDB 10.5.x (10 Databases) 
  • ASP.Net Frameworks 4.x, 3.x & 2.x 
  • ASP.Net Core 5.x, 3.x, 2.x & 1.x 
  • ASP.Net MVC 5 & 4 Supported 
  • CloudFlare CDN (Optional) 
  • Daily Website Backups 
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate 
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • Instant Account Activation 
  • Works On Any Platform

(rest of the plans of SSD and Cloud are highlighted on AccuWeb Hosting Prices)

Accuweb Cloud Hosting:

Accuweb Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting plan that sees your webpage draw assets from different servers rather than only one as with conventional hosting. 

Cloud hosting is made of numerous servers which gives it certain benefits over conventional hosting. 

For instance, if your site encounters an abrupt traffic spike, it can pull assets from one more server to forestall slow page loading or the site going down.

Furthermore, cloud hosting makes it inconceivably straightforward for you to increase assets or down, depending on the situation. 

AccuWeb Hosting likewise offers Linux Cloud Hosting (at $29.94, valid for six months), Windows Cloud Hosting (at $18.24, valid for three months), Linux Cloud VPS ($9.99 each month), and Windows Cloud VPS ($17.99 each month).

AccuWeb Linux Hosting:

AccuWeb offers various Linux based shared server plans. The lower-end, Linux-based strong state servers start at $19.50 all out for a considerable length of time,i.e, 6 months.   

With that, you get limitless domain names, 10GB of capacity, 150 emails, and 500GB of the month to month bandwidth information. 

However, AccuWeb doesn’t have any single-month shared choices, which are liked by individuals who don’t have long term projects or who have extremely strict budget plans.

Accuweb VPS Hosting:

A virtual private server runs its own duplicate of a working framework (OS), and clients might have superuser level admittance to that working framework occurrence, so they can run and install practically any product or software that is on OS. 

For some reason, it is practically identical to a dedicated physical server and, being programming characterized, can be made and arranged considerably more without any problem.

On the off chance that your business requests a site with more force than which shared web hosting plans offer, virtual private server (VPS) facilitation is the best approach. 

Websites based on VPS servers ensure your site will probably endure any link becoming famous online due to its dedicated systems. 

AccuWeb Hosting has different affordable Linux-and Windows-based VPS plans for buyers to consider, going from Linux VPS Mercury ($5.00/month) to Windows VPS Emerald ($75.99/month). 

The Mercury plan incorporates 20GB of storage capacity, 1GB of RAM, 150GB of the month to month bandwidth, and limitless site hosting. 

The Emerald plan comes with 125 GB of storage capacity, 8GB of RAM, and 1 TB of the month to month bandwidth information. 

In every plan, you have the freedom to make limitless email accounts with one or the other Linux or Windows VPS plans.

Accuweb Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated server or hosting basically means a superfast computer associated with a superfast internet connection.

It should be located in a remote data centre or co-area offices. 

Dedicated hosting is known as the most costly web hosting service as the clients who buy it, lease a whole server. 

Additionally, this hosting service gives you an unlimited authority on your server, permitting you to introduce/uninstall the product of your decision. 

Also, you are permitted to use the server assets in the manner in which you wish. 

With dedicated hosting, buyers get the freedom to own and install software like 

  • DNS server 
  • Forex exchange server
  • Application server 
  • Web server 
  • Game server 
  • data set server
  • record server
  • storage server 
  • radio broadcast or any other desired choices.

AccuWeb dedicated hosting has 6 adaptations of configurable, Linux-or Windows-fueled servers. 

The most reasonable budget is the $105-per-month plan that incorporates 8GB of RAM, 1TB of capacity, and 20TB of the month to month bandwidth information. 

The second plan is the advanced server plan which typically costs $116 each month. 

This plan includes 32GB RAM, 1TB of capacity, and limitless month to month information on bandwidth. 

Additionally, buyers can also purchase high availability server plans for explicit necessities like creation or documentation of projects, etc. 

These kinds of plans begin at $196 or $239 each month separately. 

Similarly, as with the VPS plan, AccuWeb’s dedicated hosting plans let you make limitless email accounts. 

A contingent from the various you start with, you can equip AccuWeb’s dedicated hosting with up to 512GB of memory, 4TB of capacity (on up to 4 hard drives), and 50TB of the month to month bandwidth information.

Accuweb Hosting Domains:

Accuweb Hosting

AccuWeb offers domain registration free of cost on some of their selected hosting plans. 

Users with pre-registered domain names can migrate their domain to AccuWeb which can be renewed in the upcoming year. 

Users who don’t have a domain registered/who are new can get a domain from any of the selected hosting plans. 

However, free domain migration or registration is not applicable for renewals of web hosting plans. 

List of all the domain name registration extensions :

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .mobi
  • .ca
  • .biz
  • .cc
  • .co
  • .uk
  • .co
  • .pro
  • .org
  • .uk
  • .tv
  • .in
  • .me
  • .pw

Accuweb Hosting Pros:

  • It gives an extensive rundown of web hosting plans and customization choices to satisfy every one of your prerequisites. 
  • It offers a heavenly uptime of 99.9%. 
  • Amazing client service to solve all questions 24*7 365 
  • Estimating all the web hosting plans is reasonable.

Accuweb Hosting Cons:

  • Site builder is not upto the mark
  • Windows web hosting plans don’t have limitless email accounts. 
  • There are no regular or monthly installment plans for shared web hosting plans. 
  • The base period is a minimum of 6 months.
  • VPS pricing doesn’t have cPanel. 
  • Easier SSL authentication for domains. 
  • All plans don’t run on SSD.

Conclusion :

We did love using AccuWeb and we are quite happy with its services. 

They deliver what they promise! An amazing uptime guarantee and smooth reliable customer service is something that other companies really need to look forward to. 

Do you know any more web hosting companies? Come share your experience and perspective with us, we would love to hear it! 

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